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College Sitters Miami Event

College Sitters Miami Event

Living in Miami as a work at home mom, I've found it so difficult to find help with my kids for when I'm working. Though, I mostly rely on my kid's grandparents to schedule my photo or video shoots, sometimes our schedules don't work out and I need extra help watching the kids.

Or in times when I have a close due date and I need the time to work during the day, it's highly important for me to find help while I work. But then I run into the problem of availability in short notice. Who can help me? How can I work this out in such short notice? 

That's why I so glad I was able to attend the College Sitters Miami presentation because they are a Nanny, Sitter and Tutor agency that can help find you a sitter with just a 3 hour notice. All of the sitters are background checked, CPR certified and have to go through a thorough interview process.

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What I loved about this event is that I got to meet the people who run College Sitters of Miami. From the owner, to the person who interviews and hires the sitters, to some of the sitters that work and train other sitters in their network, and they are such fantastic people.

They are parents themselves who understand the difficulty of having a job while being a parent as well as how difficult it is to find someone trust worthy to care for your children. 

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I will be doing a trial with a sitter soon, and I will be adding my honest experience here. For now I am super excited to try out this service and share with you.

If you are interested in hiring a sitter and you live or work in Miami Dade county you can use this promo code that will give you 50% off the initial joining fee PLUS 4 hours of free baby sitting DISCOUNT LINK HERE


The benefits of simplifying your child's schedule

The benefits of simplifying your child's schedule