For about four years I've been in charged of creating my family's christmas cards. It is probably my favorite thing about Christmas all together. I love coming up with the theme for the photos, picking the card design and choosing and presonalizing all of the add ons, which I will be sharing with you below. There's so much to choose from.
For the past four years I have been using Tiny Prints to print our Christmas cards because I truly love their stunning and modern designs, as well as how easy it is to personalize every detail of our Christmas cards.

So let me share with you some of the many options I chose to personalize this years christmas cards.

1. Card Design
The first and more obvious are the card design. I am always a fan of gold for Christmas. I decorate my house in white and gold for the holidays because I feel it's very classy and less traditional. So this year I went with a gold glitter design.

2. Envelopes

Next, I also personalized the envelopes. Following the gold theme I chose these beautiful envelopes with small gold details. When using Tiny Prints, you can now address your envelopes for printing! Which means that you can now add the names and addresses of all of your recipients so you don't have to hand write each one. Seriously a time saver, as well as a great solution for this girl who has horrible hand writing, to make sure my christmas cards look super fancy shmancy ;)

3. Envelope Liners

The next thing you can personalize are the envelope liners, you can choose from different colors or designs, but this year I thought it'd be a nice touch to add a little message when the card is opened.

4. Personalized Postage Stamps

Finally, and probably my favorite is that you can save yourself a trip to the store for stamps and not only order but personalize your stamps too!

There are so many options of beautiful christmas cards and personalization options that can make your christmas cards so special this year. It really is one of my favorite things to do for the holiday season, and I always look forward to receiving christmas cards myself. It's such a special time to remind each other that we care and think about them.

Thank you to Tiny Prints for collaborating with my to create these stunning cards. I seriously could not recommend them enough.

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