I started using the Browista Brow box for about a month, and I have loved this kit. One of the biggest reasons I have loved it so much it's because everything you need to get the perfect bold brows comes in the pack. This is a perfect product for anyone who wants to try doing their eyebrows for the first time and maybe doesn't know where to start or even what to buy. Everything this brow box comes with is of great quality and I love the pretty packaging it comes in. So without further ado, let's get some awesome beautiful brows!

1. Brush brows with spoolie brush

2. Apply dual brow highlighter under the brow

3. Blend highlighter with smudge brush by using wiping motions

4. Use the expresso duo powder & angle brush to shape your brows top and bottom

5. Fill in the brow with expresso duo powder & angle brush

6. Brush on brow gel to style & seal

Awesome bold brows!

My favorite product from this box has to be the brow gel. I have so many photos where my eyebrows are falling, but after using the brow gel from this box i notice how my brows stay looking great all day. I seriously couldn't be happier with this product.

What are some of your techniques to get the perfect bold brows? I'd love to know. Happy friday!


  1. brow game on point Juli! I've always been a bit scared to do anything with my brows for fear of looking ridiculous but I can see that maybe it isn't that scary :P

  2. vaseline keeps hair in place.
    just a little tip thought you should know. :)



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