I remember holding my daughter at the hospital clueless of what I should do? As a new mom I desperately needed a guide, a book, something to let me know how to be a mom of a newborn. So now that my daughter is 9 months old, here's a list of 6 things I learned to do with a newborn baby.

  1. Cuddles.
  2. Before you know it that little baby you are holding in your arms will be a very active toddler who you will be chasing up and down. So the best thing you can do with a newborn baby is to hold him/her and give that baby endless cuddles. A newborn wants to feel safe in your arms and feel the closeness he/she used to feel inside your belly.

  3. Sleep.
  4. Now, mama, as important as it is to hold your baby, it's okay to also put them down and let them sleep. You'll have plenty of time to entertain them when they're a little older. Right now, sleep is a very important part of their routine. So for your own sanity, also take in those breaks to rest when your little one sleeps.
  5. Feed.
  6. If you haven't figured it out yet, you know that newborns want to eat, ALL THE TIME. It may seem like the only time they're awake is when they're eating, but don't worry mama this season will pass. Soon they will be feeding less often and faster every time. So use this time to connect with your baby, sing, talk, caress their perfect baby skin. But if by any chance you are exhausted don't feel bad to get comfy, turn on some Netflix and chill/feed.
  7. Sing & Talk.
  8. Your newborn has never seen your face, but he/she has spent months listening to your voice. So talk to your baby, to your partner, or even to yourself. By talking your little one will feel safe and reassured to hear your voice and know that mommy is near.
  9. Massages.
  10. You've probably read that infant massages are a great thing to do with your baby, however, not all newborns like to be undressed and rubbed with lotion. If this is the case a great thing you can do is to hold them and softly rub their back, head and feet. This really stimulates their senses as well as a great way to relax them.
  11. Skin to skin.
  12. I wish I would've done this more with my baby. Holding your baby close to your skin in just their diaper is such a comforting activity for a baby, and it helps create closeness and bonding between you and your baby.

I wanted to share this list because as a new mom of a newborn I remember trying so hard to "play" with my baby and try to introduce books and toys, when all she needed was to feel loved and close to me. One of my favorite memories was when my daughter was about 2 months old and we would both just lay in bed as I sang to her, as we would both fall asleep.

Mama, being a new mom is hard work and newborns though are so cute can make us feel a little crazy sometimes. So take your time, and trust me your baby will let you know when he/she needs to play and be entertained, and that will happen soon enough, for now just lay in bed, give lots of cuddles, ask for help when you need it and remember you're doing a great job. You both are going to do just fine.

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  1. So lovely and a good reminder to not overthink life always - totally guilty of that!



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