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I was recently asked by a pregnant mama friend how I make time to dress up, and I thought why not share my answer for other mamas out there who might be asking the same question. One of the most important lessons I learned when dressing up after having my baby was that I needed to plan in advance. And I know that this can't be the case every single time. But unlike when I didn't have a baby, I now schedule in my calendar any important events I might have that month and I make sure I plan for someone to be with Mia so I can have time to get ready when I need to.

For example I have a friend's wedding coming up and I have already, a month in advance, asked my husband to make sure he takes Mia for at least the morning so I can get her things ready as well as time to do my hair & make-up, and I try to have my dress ready the night before. It takes a lot more time and planning but seriously have you ever tried to curl your hair with a crawling baby? I think you get my point.

If by any chance I don't have any help and I do need to get ready, I try to make sure I get everything ready the night before and I even try hair styles, some days before, during nap times to make sure I can have some great hairstyles I can try that don't take a lot of time. For these hairstyles I usually look through YouTube to find fast and easy hair styles.

I also try my hardest to schedule in days when the grandparents can take care of Mia while a take a mommy day off. This helps on days when I need to do my hair, or paint my nails or even have an at home facial and a bubble bath. This may not seem like a tip, but when you have major bags under your eyes of no sleep, trust me, it helps to make you look better, instead of getting comments from total strangers like, "rough night huh?".

And my last and most important tip for my mama friend was, I don't always look good. In fact I'm sitting on my desk writing this with my hair in a bun, no make up, and spit up on my dress. It's so important for any mama to know that you don't always have to look like a supermodel, in fact the older your babies get the more you realize that skipping a shower or doing your make up cannot compare to making your babies laugh, help them learn something new or having them fall asleep in your arms. They're only little for a a short time and this season will pass mama. So take a deep breath and try to squeeze in those days to yourself whenever possible, and remember take lots of photos when you do dress up because it may not happen everyday. :)

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  1. Beautiful look!! Love your tassel necklace.

    xx, Elise

  2. eep such a pretty look too, I love the layered necklaces and the details on that dress :)



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