Before anyone becomes a parent there are certain things we all say we all will do or never do. Like I'd never let my child throw a tantrum in public, or my child will only eat organic homemade food, and other promises like that, that we all as parents laugh at and whisper to ourselves, "Yeah, we'll see about that when you have your own children." So here is a list of my own broken promises to myself, that I can now laugh at how naive I was.

  1. I Will Never Let Myself Go.
  2. The truth is that I really believe I haven't 'let myself go'... entirely. Though I did spend most of my daughter's first 5 months in a robe, sweatpants and the classic mom bun. I didn't think I would break this because, how hard is it to dress up when you have a baby? Well, when I wasn't feeding, changing diapers, soothing, carrying, bouncing, bathing or trying to "tidy-up" [the never ending task of tidying up] I was passed out on the couch trying to catch up on the sleep I wasn't having at night. The truth is that dressing up is actually possible. Gasp! It just takes time to get in the rhythm of taking care of your child and then taking care of yourself. It's no longer a I'll get ready in 30 mins or less. It takes learning time management to get everything done and be out the door looking like a supermodel mom. And I'm sure that with every child added to the picture, it takes more and more time-management skills. Oh that and help from other people.

  3. I Will Never Take My Baby to a Nice Restaurant.
  4. Well, the truth is, I am hungry. I can't drop my baby off with anyone right now. And most of all, I feel like having a nice dinner. So stare all you want because this lady is here to have a much needed day off from cooking. So that's that.

  5. I Will Not Show Photos of my Baby ... To EVERYONE.
  6. I have to be honest. My baby is cute. And I'm her mom. So if you ask me about my baby, be prepared to be bombarded with photos of her cuteness and her latest accomplishments. I am a really proud mom, and always will be.

  7. I Will Never Carry a Diaper Bag.
  8. I used to think diaper bags were so bulky and ugly and unnecessary. That was until I found out I desperately needed one. And then I ate my words. But I did get one of the best pieces of advice that freed me from the diaper bag fear. "The Diaper Bag is for your baby," my friend told me. "You hide it under the stroller. You can still carry a nice purse for yourself." This piece of advice was gold for me.

  9. I Will Never Talk About Poop.
  10. The truth is that we, as moms, are changing diapers several times a day, everyday. So poop becomes a normal and common topic of conversation. Believe it or not your bowel movements, (yes, my childless self is screaming inside of me horrified that I just wrote those words down on my blog) says a lot about your health, and therefore a lot about your kids' health. So be aware my child-less friend, and cover your ears when possible.

  11. I Will Never Make My Child Do Something She Did at Home, In Public.
  12. Yes, I always used to hate it when parents would tell their children to do ______ in front of people that they did at home. Because, of course, children would never repeat what they did in their safe environment, in front of people they don't know. Well, that was until I had my own child and Mia would do the cutest thing at home, and there I was, making a fool of myself, trying to get Mia to wave or blow kisses to people she doesn't know as she would look at me with a blank, unimpressed face.

  13. I Will Never Give My Child a Pacifier.
  14. Now, I know some children never take a pacifier. But before I had my baby I was adamant about the use of pacifiers. I thought they were dirty and fell out all of the time and there was no way to make sure they were really clean. Yes, yes, I still think this, but the pacifier has become my best friend. I love those things. And my baby does even more. I remember giving my daughter a pacifier after what felt like hours of her crying and my younger brother looked at me and asked, "Aren't pacifiers bad for babies?". I wanted to take the pacifier and throw it at his head. Haha. Post-partum hormones.

I also asked a group of friends to share their own I would never's with you.

Pam: I always told myself I would never let my baby sleep in my bed. Now almost 2 years without getting sleep I give in more than I'd like to admit. Also I told myself that I would't let my baby play with my phone, until one day she had a tantrum and all eyes were on me and I gave in.

Chrissy: Before I had kids I thought I would never get a minivan. Best thing I ever bought!
She also added this hilarious photo which I couldn't help but share.

Celle: I will never let my baby near a pacifier. Then I said, no more pacifier after 6 months. She's 8 months and we won't leave the house without it.

The truth is that we can always talk a big game when we don't have kids, and then you have them and your whole life is turned around. We are desperately trying to do the best we can with our children, and that means eating our words and swallowing our prides, and giving in for the sake of our sanity.


  1. Oh, man! I have to say I don't have kids (yet) but if I had to choose between a Minivan and SUV, the obvious choice for me personally would be the SUV. I hate minivans, but I can live with a big Nissan Armada that has a lot of space. :) And I don't mind your babies pictures, she is so cute!!!!

    1. Haha. Good I'm glad you don't mind the baby photo overload. :D And yes, I think a bigger car helps once you have kids.

  2. I wholly agree that when we are childless we talk a big game. Cannot wait to see all the words I have to eat once kiddies come along.

    1. Yup. I was totally a huge talker, and then I had Mia, and then I feel every mom with a crying baby. hehe. I've been there.

  3. This is so great Juli!! I had so many "I would nevers" but wow after 4 kids.. Anything that keeps them calm is fair game!! Haha!! Keep doing what you're doing!! You're a great momma! 😘

    1. Thanks! I can imagine. 4 kiddos. Do what you need to do to feel any type of normalcy. :D

  4. lol, this is funny. I think I'd want to try to stick with number 6 but like you I'm positive I'd also break it!!!

    1. Hahaha. There are somethings I haven't broken, yet, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. :)



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