It's only been six months into this wonderfully chaotic thing called motherhood, and I can finally honestly tell you that even through the bad days I love it. It wasn't always this way. Every time someone asks me, "So how's motherhood?" I've been answering the same way, "Well, those first few months were really tough, but now I can say I love it." So what's changed? My first few months into motherhood were the toughest because I honestly had no idea what I had gotten myself into. I had a little baby that needed me for everything, all day long. And, listen, no matter how much you try to prepare yourself mentally for it, or how many hours you've baby sat, or even how many cousins, brothers or sisters you've had, you've never been the mom. And being the mom is a whole new ball game. But surprisingly, every month that passed by, I felt a little more confident, a little less afraid, a little closer to my baby. And then one day, all of a sudden, she sees me and she KNOWS me. She looks for me, "asks" for me, and well finally somehow she also recognizes me as mom. She is suddenly interested in play, in silly faces, in tickles, in laughing, in sleeping (PRAAIISSEE!!!) and somehow it feels like she's always been part of my life.

Life has been a little sweeter with my little bundle of joy. She does something new every day, which challenges me into learning and changing everything I thought I knew. It's a continual cycle into learning, changing, figure it out everyday and slowly change with her. Let me be honest, it's tough sometimes. Somedays I'm tired and I don't want to get up at whatever early morning hour she decided she's had enough sleep and wants to play. Or the day I feel sick and I still have to have as much energy as the days I feel perfectly fine. Or the days she got an ear infection and cries, and all I can do is give her, her medicine and wait until she feels better. It's not perfect, but oh it is sweet.

Like the day she started making this face because she realized it made mommy laugh.

Or the time when I was finally able to sit her down at the park so she could play and she loved it.

Every day is a new experience with my baby, and I can honestly finally say I wouldn't have it any other way. She has changed me, challenged me, and most of all she's made me a mom.


  1. I love this! Our babies are around the same age and biracial. It's pretty exciting! I'm excited to follow along on your journey too! 😘 And get a lot of mom fashion tips haha.

    - Erica (

    1. Thanks for following. And I love your blog, I had been looking for a bone broth recipe, I have to try yours. I'm so happy to find other mommies in the same stage as I am. :)



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