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This past week I was introduced a type of online thrift store, ThredUp. And I can't say how happy I was to find it. The concept of the website is to sell and buy used clothes, obviously, in great condition. And after I received my package in the mail I knew I had to blog about it because I LOVED my clothes.

Just in case you were wondering what I got:

- White Shirt & Genuine Leather Belt from Banana Republic
- Dark Grey/Black from LOFT
- Sweater from H&M

All for less than $30.00 including shipping. Yes, I am a happy camper.

I do have some tips for buying from the website because one of my first impressions was how overwhelming it was to look through their inventory. They just have so many things from so many brands. So here are my tips for a successful experience:

1. Have a plan of what you want to buy.
What helped me pick the things I got was to go through my fashion board on Pinterest and pick a certain look I wanted to go with. This was my inspiration.

Once I knew what I had in my closet it made it easy to figure out what I was looking for and that helped me pick right away, and I added some pieces I needed like a simple white tee & a sweater because the weather has been colder than usual in Florida and I was lacking a cozy sweater.

2. Take it or forget you saw it.
Like any thrift store you know that if you don't buy it that day it's very unlikely you'll find it when you come back, because they only have one of everything. My first time looking through the website I found a beautiful cozy sweater from Zara. So I thought to myself I'll come back tonight and get it, and of course as I logged in later that day the sweater had been sold. :( Yup. Lesson learned. Don't look through until you're ready to buy.

3. Don't get set on a specific brand.
It's really easy to just look through pieces from a brand you usually shop for, however, just like when you go thrifting sometimes you might surprise yourself buying something from a brand you usually would never go to the store to browse. I found my faded dark shirt because I knew I was looking for something like this, when I found it I saw it was from LOFT, I have never shopped anything from their store but I got it anyway. I cannot tell you how soft and comfortable this shirt is. I can already tell it's a tee I'll wear A LOT. So keep your mind open from stores you would usually shop from.

I was really happy with the whole experience. Plus they have a refer program so when you use MY LINK to sign up you will immediately get $10 credit for your order and in return I get $10 credit also. So it's a win, win and everyone has the option to do this. So the more friends you refer, you also get rewarded. And the last cool thing is you can also send in your clothes for credit to use or to be sent through your PayPal.

I really did like this shop. I hope you do too. :)

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  1. Cute chooses and you did so well to match them from your pinterest looks!! As a big second hand shopper, I'll definitely give two thumbs up to this idea :)



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