I was really excited when our pediatrician gave us the okay to start Mia on solids. I had already been noticing how she would stare at us when we would eat and I knew it would be a fun experience for her. And rightly so the first time I introduced her to food in a spoon she was very uncertain, but after four spoonfuls she opened her mouth and ate. It was awesome! And now every time she sees her bowl and spoon she gets really excited.

I've been doing my research on feeding solids to a baby and I found a great resource, that I will mention below. Through my research I found that cooked egg yolks and avocados were great foods to start a baby on, however, with Mia when I tried to feed her an avocado as a first solid she rejected it right away. What I think happened was that she didn't understand that the avocado was food, she had no correlation of what it was. So since she has been formula fed I knew I needed to introduce food to her with formula so she could make a connection to eat it. So I mixed her formula with a little bit of baby oatmeal cereal and that was when she finally opened her mouth and swallowed. And after introducing her to just baby rice or oatmeal with formula for about three weeks, I then introduced her to her first vegetable puree. And guess what? She devoured it. Win for mom!

Some things that I learned along the way with feeding Mia:
  • The first time I successfully introduced her to solids was at a time when she was calm and a little playful.
  • The first few times I didn't try to replace her bottle with the food, I just gave her maybe less than a teaspoon to introduce her to eating with a spoon and it was more of a new activity than a feeding.
  • With Mia I noticed that if I had just given her a bottle she would spit out her food, but if I waited until it was time for her next feeding she would finish all of her plate.
  • During a feed if I noticed that she was spitting out her food or closing her mouth I stopped, no need to make it a negative experience.

The resource I've been using for baby puree recipes it's www.babyfoode.com

This website is full of amazing information and recipes for babies of all ages. From How to Introduce Solid Foods to How To Freeze Baby Puree. And if your baby is ready to leave the puree stages there's also information on Transitioning from Purees to Solids and other awesome recipes for toddlers.

PS: Also in my list to make are these recipes: APPLES + CINNAMON & CARROTS + NUTMEG

**This is NOT a sponsored post. I found this website while looking through Pinterest and I fell in love and thought it was worth sharing about. Hope you love it as much as I have. :)


  1. Awww how cute! and you know what, I had no idea that feeding wasn't a 100% straight forward process, it's easy to forget that babies have to learn a lot, even how to eat :) My friend's just had a baby so I'm going to save this post for them!

    1. Haha. Who knew right? I thought this was going to be natural too... but nope. Even the simplest things are a complete new adventure for babies. And that makes it so fun to appreciate the little things with them too.



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