I love to give meaningful gifts for Christmas. I believe heart-felt gifts will be cherished longer than the brand new tech gift that will be replaced for the next new shiny thing in a couple of months. But lets be honest most of us don’t have the time to sit and make gifts from scratch for the whole family, especially around Holiday time. So today I want to share with you some ideas of personalized gifts that you don’t need to spend hours and hours on but can still be as special.

In the age of camera phones most of us have hundreds of photos stored in our phones. So for this Christmas what better way to give a personalized gift than printed photos.

Printed photos are an amazing and inexpensive way for families to decorate their homes, which make for excellent heart-felt presents, without needing the “crafty gene” or even spending hours making projects from scratch.

Another easy and fun way I found to add a personal touch your Christmas gifts is with personalized gift wrap. Oh yes, it exists! I ordered my wrapping paper at Tiny Prints, because I fell in love with the cute designs they offer that I could personalize. You can add your family’s name or even photos of your family on the wrapping paper.

Here are also some other awesome personalized gifts that you can give for this Holiday season:

iPhone, Samsung & iPad Cases
Pillows & Throws

Which proves, that you don’t really need to be crafty to gift something beautiful and heart felt this Christmas season.

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  1. That wrapping is so sweet and I agree, you can never ever go wrong with photos!



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