It's been a little while since I've talked about my baby, and boy has she changed! She is almost two months now and she is now focusing on objects, people and sounds. She loves to coo and make sounds when we are speaking to her. She is sleeping at night which has been great for mommy and daddy. Not yet, through the night, she wakes up at least once or twice to be fed and changed but goes right back to sleep. One of the things that surprised me the most is that she doesn't like to snuggle with us anymore. At two months old! Is that normal? She would much rather be put down in her bed than to sleep than in our arms. When she's in bed she sleeps so soundly, but when she's in our arms she moves and is fidgety like letting us know that she wants to be put down. *Insert crying here* If we knew the change would happen so soon we would've enjoyed it a lot more. It was a shock to my husband when he always used to put her on his chest to sleep, and after having a cold and not being able to hold her for about a week, when he went to hold her again to put her to sleep she clearly let us know she wasn't having it.

That's another thing about our girl. She is a feisty little thing. At such a young age I've noticed how spunky she is, if she is happy she is the happiest baby in the world, as you can see by this photo she loves to smile and laugh and coo. But when she is hungry or sleepy Oh Lord the cry is border-line a fit! As funny as it sounds we are trying to teach her to be patient and wait and to be relaxed when she is feeding or ready to sleep. We are just learning to be parents and it gets difficult at times, but God, do I love her. Her little smiles and tiny "almost hugs" melt my heart every day. I love her little personality and big smiles. Here's to new experiences and new challenges. Bring it on! :D

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  1. How beautiful is that photo and to hear about her and her changes - so many! Maybe in another two months she'll just want to snuggle again!



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