Wouldn't it be awesome if there was some type of service that delivered nail polish to your door every month? Well, lucky for you there is! SquareHue is a monthly subscription box of nail polish that arrives right to your mail box every month with three different color, high quality, made in the US, nail polish bottles that are bound to make your nails look awesome all year long.

I am really excited about sharing this company with you guys because SquareHue, not only offers you awesome and beautiful nail polish every month, but it also donates a percentage of their profit to fight end human trafficking around the world with the organization A21. So you are not only receiving awesome nail polish every month but you are also helping rescue and fight for people all over the world who are being trafficked.

I personally know the owners behind this business and it was a pleasure to partner with them to let more people know about their company and what they do. They are people who believe in creativity and excellence and have a heart to change the world one little nail polish bottle at a time.

Since you receive three different colors in every box I decided to play two of the colors in the box to create a half-moon look.

Since I didn't have the french manicure stickers I decided to use some painters' tape to create this fun colorful look and I have to admit that it worked quite well, knowing that I'm no nail expert myself.

The nail polish dried off really quick and I was really happy with the end result. Perfect colorful summer nails! :)

You can subscribe to receive your monthly box at www.squarehue.com

AND for first time subscribers you can order your first box for 50% off with the coupon code HOTSUMMER

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  1. very cute and I love all the bright colours too especially that pink!

    1. I know! I can't wait to try the pink too :)



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