You know all of those beautiful Pinterest hairstyles we have in our Pinterest boards because maybe one day we'll try them? Well, I do. I basically wear my hair two ways, down and in a pony tail. But this month I decided, "hey; Maybe after baby I won't have all the time in the world to try these pretty hairstyles." So I've decided to take one Pinterest hairstyle a week and try it.

I don't do very much to my hair, so I've decided to start simple. With hairstyles I'll actually wear. So this week I started with a simple Top Knot from the Treasures & Travels Blog

You can find this tutorial HERE.
5 mins or less


Did it last?
I wore this look the whole day and it stayed together all day.

Things I did different:
My hair is thick and heavy, therefore, instead of just securing with bobby pins I used both a hair tie and bobby pins to secure.

What I learned:
I used hairspray after I was done with the look to hold in place, but I realized it made my hair look stiff and almost dirty. So I learned that is better to apply hairspray before, brush through and then go ahead with the tutorial as it explains. It gives your hair more natural movement and it will hold better.

I also think I could've teased my hair some more to give the top knot more volume.

Throughout the day the top knot can become a messy bun, so I would recommend to carry a few bobby pins in your purse. Though, the messy bun look can make it look cute. ;)

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  1. This looks so cute on you! I'm tempted to grow my hair long just so I can do different hairstyles :)



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