Continuing with my Pinterest hair challenge, where I am trying out the hairstyles I have pinned at some point and seeing the results; you can see my last week's look HERE. This week I attempted the A Beautiful Mess' Mermaid Waves Tutorial.

You can find this tutorial HERE.

30 to 45 mins


Did it last?
I wore this look the whole day and because my hair is so straight the waves did straighten out as the day went on. However I did have, successfully, loose waves all day.

Things I did different:
I followed this tutorial exactly as it explained. I attempted this look a day after washing my hair.

What I learned:
This has to be one of my favorite looks. It was easy to follow her tutorial and I was very happy with the result.

Though because of my hair volume and length being different from Laura's it does look different from her photo.

This look does take some time to accomplish, since you have to hold all of your hair to curl. I can guess that the less amount of hair you have, the faster it is to achieve this look.

Here's a look from the back and side.

I think this look was a win for me. Two thumbs up!

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