Every day I get comments about how little or big my bump looks. And though I LOVE showing off my bump there are days I don't like to hear how big I've gotten. And I've found that the comments have all to do with what I'm wearing that day. So I want to show you today how a simple outfit can help show off or hide that baby bump with simple clothing pieces.
All of these photos were taken the same day and no photoshop was used to minimize the bump ;)

Loose Fitting Dresses

Loose fitting dresses are the best way to hide the baby bump especially in the earlier months. These dresses are very in style right now and easy to find for the spring & summer months. The darker the color of the dress, the less that bump will show. The only downside with these dresses is that depending on your body figure they may make you look wider.

Maxi Dresses

Not all maxi dresses are made to hide the bump. But they sure are some of the most comfortable to wear especially during those summer months. However if the dress is completely loose it'll make your bump look a bit smaller compared to a dress that is fitter up top and the loose which will accentuate your bump.

Pre-Pregnancy Tops

If you are looking to show off that bump the best way to do it is to wear your pre-pregnancy size tops. Even when I was only 16 weeks I loved wearing these types of shirts because they really showed off my tiny baby bump. Now, on my third trimester I try to stay away from those unless I just want to be proud and show off my cute baby belly. But I have to keep in mind that I will get comments or looks on my pregnancy.


Belts are the best way to show off that you are definitely pregnant. Even with a small bump, people would dare to ask if you are having a baby. Belts placed above your waist line help create that natural "B" shape, showing off those side curves. ;)

No matter what size your belly is, just remember that you ARE having a baby. So be proud of that, and try to kick those negative comments to the curve. And know that your baby belly is a beautiful sign of motherhood that at some point in time you will remember with love. <3


  1. Clothing optical illusions! I always thought if I was pregnant I'd love to wear tight fitted clothing but I can imagine comments about how big you are may start to get a little negative after a while. As you said though it's a nice thing to be pregnant and I'm sure most people have good intentions with their comments just might not always match where your hormones are that day :P

    1. Yup! That is exactly how it is... People may have the best intentions but hormones are like "OMG!" hahaha. :)



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