How far along are you?
I'm 32 weeks. And only 8 weeks left until my due date.

Baby's Size
Baby is the size of a squash. About 16 inches long and could be weighing anywhere between 2.5 lbs to almost 4 lbs.

Belly Button In or Out?
Belly Button is halfway out and the other half is flat. Hehe. It's very funny looking right now.

Any Changes?
Now, I can feel her feet! It's so exciting because she pushes her feet out so much that I can feel the form of a foot. She is Very very active which is great and worries me about her amount of energy even just in the womb. However, I have noticed now that she is most still at night when I'm going to sleep, so hopefully she will continue that pattern out of the womb.

My husband and I had our first birth class and it all makes it feel so soon now. In just a couple of weeks, well eight or so, we will officially be parents and I'm just excited beyond belief. We are praying for a great labor and delivery and just getting ourselves ready for what's to come. I can't wait to share about my experience with you.

Yes! I can finally say that I have been craving and eating Rice Krispies almost every day. And NO, not Rice Krispy Treats, no, the cereal by it self with milk. LoL. Every time I mention it to anybody they ask me, "you mean Rice Krispy Treats?" Haha nope. Just plain ol' Rice Krispy cereal. Besides that my eating habits have started to go back to what they were pre-pregnancy, so I've been making sure that my meals continue to be constant and nutrition filled. It hasn't been so easy.

Other Thoughts:
I am preparing myself to be a mother the only way in this moment that I know how, spiritually. The more I watch the news or even just see the things that happen in this world I fear for my child, for the things that she will see or experience. However, I continue to put my thoughts and faith in Christ. That He will guide me and my husband to teach her to love Him. And to cling to His promises, "Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

I know she will grow in a house full of love, joy and peace. And I believe that above all that is what she'll need.


  1. That's so amazing about feeling her feet and so awesome about her routine - here's to her sleeping through the night - though is that even a realistic thing to hope for? I'm pretty baby clueless :P I'm sure her cute face will make any night distributions a-okay to handle :)

    1. I'm not sure if it realistic for babies to sleep through the night... But yes hopefully her baby face will make waking up a lot worth it :D



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