Since we are young we are taught to gift Mom something for mother's day and since we don't really have money at a young age to buy anything we resource to making something hand made for them. And moms always treasure these beautiful gifts, even if it was them who helped us make them. My mom still has some of our "creations" in an album, and I know she will always cherish them. So I thought why not come up with a cute creative way to make something for Mother's Day. This activity can also be a fun and simple activity to do with kiddos.

You will need:
- Paper stock or Construction Paper (Preferably White)
- Painters' Tape
- Water Colors
- Paint Brush
- Scissors
- Water

First, I cut the card stock paper in two and then folded them down the middle to create a card form.

Then I created a simple heart design with the tape and pasted onto the card.

I dipped the brush in water, then to the paint, and then back into the water to create a soft pink color and painted outside and on top of the taped heart.

Immediately after painting I removed the tape figure even before the paint dried. And I had my heart figure.

I also experimented and created letter cut outs with the tape to spell out Mom.

And again, just like the heart I pasted the letters on the card, painted over them with the water color, and removed the tape.

And there you have it! Some cute hand-made cards for Mother's Day. This was a very simple fun a activity that I know I will repeat with my girl for Valentine's day and other holidays. :)


  1. So sweet, we totally got drilled in as kids that we needed to make cards for people, being someone who likes making this was never a bad thing for me and has really stayed with me. I also think that cards can often be more special than gifts!

  2. Such a simple idea, but I would have never thought of it. They're really beautiful!

    1. It is very simple and it looks really cute :) Thanks for stopping by and reading
      Juli xx



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