How far along are you?
I'm 29 weeks along. Which means I am officially in my Third Trimester. And only 11 weeks till my due date. Wow!

Baby's Size
Baby is the size of a butternut squash. And about 15 in long.

Belly Button In or Out?
Belly Button is pretty much flat. So not out, but definitely not in. It looks like a little round thing. Very strange... :S lol

Any Changes?
Well I am definitely feeling the extra weight. I have never in my life been this size, and the fact that it's mostly in front makes me back ache a bit. I get very tired at the end of day but thankfully I've been really sleeping great! I literally wake up once or twice to the bathroom but fall right back to sleep, and with the amount of pillows I sleep with it literally feels like a nest of pillows in my bed which makes it super comfy.

Baby Movements?
Every single day I feel more and more movement. I feel the rolls, the hands and feet moving. And she's been pushing herself against my hip bones and yesterday I felt her around my ribs! Which was very exciting and very weird at the same time.

Yesterday as my hubby and I were watching TV she was moving a TON! I mean, like non-stop. So my husband got close to my belly and talked to her and immediately she stopped moving as if she was listening to him. It was truly incredible. It's amazing because I know she's getting to know us, but now especially my husband. I feel her react to his voice, and even to his touch. It's been really special to bond with her.

Other Thoughts:
I can honestly say that I'm not at all nervous about labor and birth, now that it seems so soon. But I am nervous about her being in my arms. I wonder if I'll know what to do? Or how is it going to feel? Or how we'll be as parents. That truly consumes my mind a lot. I pray that God will guide us and teach us to be parents. It's getting very close now. In only a couple of months she'll be in my arms. Wow. I can't wait to share with you all about Motherhood.

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  1. This is the sweetest - I've missed reading your blog - you guys are going to be the loveliest parents - so excited for you, I'll be a little bit sad when this series ends but excited for everything to come too!



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