I'm back with a Styling Post! I have to tell you it felt so good being able to get an outfit together and style it and take photos of it since during my pregnancy I hadn't been in the best health to do one of these. However, this styling post is even MORE special because I actually made my skirt. Yes, if you have been following my blog you may have known that I started a sewing class and this is my second project! A beautiful flowy maxi skirt. I am so proud of this piece and even though it came with its challenges along the way I think it's one of the best pieces I've made. I'm so excited to have this piece as a part of my wardrobe and know that I was able to make something I can actually wear.

Hope you guys have a Happy Monday :)

I bought this fabric from Mood Fabrics. Ref #307138


  1. Soooo amazing, I love the material you choose, such a cute maternity outfit, love all the accessories too, very pretty :)



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