How far along are you?
I'm 26 weeks. And this is my last photo and post for my second trimester. As soon as this week ends I will officially be in my third trimester! Eek.

Baby's Size
Baby is the size of a head of lettuce. From head to bum, so not really counting those little legs.

Belly Button In or Out?
Belly Button is still in but I'm pretty sure any time now it'll just come out.

Any Changes?
Yes! Remember how I wasn't really having any cravings? WELL! not anymore. Sweets, sweets and more sweets are high on my radar. I have to really watch how much, but holy cow, do donuts sound good right about now! Also, I've been waaayyy more emotional than ever. I've literally have had break downs over nothing to the point where I cannot stop crying. My husband has been very understanding thank God. But those hormones of mine have been BANANAS.

Anything exciting?
Her every movement has become way more prominent than ever before. She has days where she stretches her little feet so much that I'm able to feel them and even rub them for a second or so before she hides it away, and then pushes it back out again. It's way too cute. And it melts my heart every time.


  1. I love these pregnancy photos SO much!!! And you will be so happy to have these beautiful memories :) xoxo

    1. Thanks Chrissy! Yes. I'm actually going to print a lot of these photos for a baby book I'm making :)

  2. How cute are the little toes stretching out!! Eep, so wonderful, can't we to "meet" this little girl :)

  3. What a sweet post :')



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