As bloggers we have all been guilty of reading or writing [slowly raising hand] a post about how to grow your blog's readership that went something like: Have good photos, be yourself, etc. etc. However, after a year of blogging I needed more information, more tools, just something else to help me grow my blog. And in my search I really did find great tools to grow my blog, and slowly but surely it has. Today I want to share with you what what I've learned from these girls that have really experienced growth and are sharing their knowledge with us.

1. A Beautiful Mess: Blog Life

Photo taken from A Beautiful Mess Shop

One of my favorite, as well as one of the most useful tools I have learned from has been "A Beautiful Mess' Blog Life course". This course is $50 but in my opinion it's truly worth every penny. It has important information about how to be unique, how to find your niche, when and where to invest in your blog, growing your readership, in depth information about monetizing your blog, and all about how to price, scale, and build an Ad program plus so much more. This is a course that I constantly go over to gather helpful information, and just to remind myself why I'm blogging and what are my goals for my blog. You can learn more about the course HERE.

2. JennyPurr

This blog is full of helpful resources for bloggers and creatives. Jen's posts are full of gold about getting organized and making a successful blog. In my opinion her posts are very focused and well written. With in depth information about the topic she is covering, from using SEO to helping you understand your audience to finding creativity in your blogging journey to blog without boundaries. I have found her knowledge extremely helpful and continually go back to past posts to find information on any specific topic I'm currently researching for my own blog. If by browsing her site you don't know where to start, on the right side column there is a section labeled "For Bloggers" that has some of her best and most helpful articles to help you get started.

3. Media Marmalade

Photo Taken from Media Marmalade

Media Marmalade is mainly a fashion blog, however Melissa began a blogging resource series that I have found extremely helpful as well. Media Marmalade differs a lot from Jenny Purr in that her advice about blogging is a lot more simple and, in my opinion catered for beginner bloggers. Not to say that her advice is any less from the other two mentioned above. Her series is just a bit more practical, easier to understand and focused on broader subjects of blogging, photography and career advice. You can find this series HERE.

4. Autumn Leaves Blog

I found Autumn Leaves recently, and her blog actually inspired this post. I was really looking for some real advice and tips to grow my blog, my readership and the quality of my posts in general when I stumbled upon her post "How I Increased my Blog Traffic and You Can Too". I found the information and tips she gave so helpful that I continued to browse through her blog and found a ton of helpful information in all different topics within the business of blogging. I can't recommend this post and her blog enough.

I am constantly looking into making this blog the best it can be and I'm inspired by people who are out there doing it and sharing with others what has or hasn't worked for them. If you have any resources that you have found helpful please let me know in the comments below. I'd love to make a part two on this topic and share with others out there helpful resources to grow their blogs.


  1. Such a helpful post. Thank you for sharing Juli!!! Can't wait to star applying all of those tips.

    I hope your pregnancy is going well!!!

    1. No problem! I really do hope it helps :) And yes, pregnancy has been going great. Thank you.

  2. Thanks so much for including me and for your kind words about my content! I'm amongst some wonderful bloggers in this post!
    Rebecca-Louise | Autumn Leaves building blogs into brands

    1. Of course! I've found your blog so helpful ;)

  3. They all sound like great resources - off to go have a peak and be inspired :)



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