How far along are you?
I'm 20 weeks. And halfway through my pregnancy. EEK!

Baby's Size
Baby girl is about 6in long. And according to my last sonogram about 8oz in weight. And according to my baby app, baby is about the size of a small cantaloupe.

YES! YES! YES! Oh gosh this little girl is kicking up a storm and I love every single punch, kick and movement she makes. She is most active at night. So much so that she keeps waking me up. And I don't mind it one bit.

Belly button in or out?
Belly button is still very much in.

Any cravings?
Um... yes. Let me think... FOOD. I'm craving all types of food, ALL THE TIME. So since I've been able to eat without getting sick, I'm filling up my diet with lots fruits and veggies and grains and proteins and dairies. LoL. You get the point.

Changes to the home?
Finally this weekend I had enough time to clean, organize and make room in my office for baby girl. I thought a lot about keeping this room as her nursery only, however since she will probably be in our room for quite a while I'll still want to keep my office for blogging, photos and crafting and still have a space for her to nap, a changing area and her own closet in that room. So it'll double up as a baby room/office. I'll see how that works out and if it doesn't I'll only have to move out my computer and desk since it'll pretty much be her room as well. I'll photograph this space once the crib is in and all is finally in order.

I wanted to include this for any preggo mamas out there:

What I've learned/can't live without:

1. Mechanical Toothbrush & GUM Soft Picks:
I'm not a dentist or anything. But one of the many pregnancy symptoms that affected me was bleeding in my gums. So I started brushing my teeth with a mechanical toothbrush as well as cleaning in between my teeth with the GUM soft picks and literally the bleeding stopped in about two days. The mechanical toothbrush cleans my teeth as well as massages my gums and it makes the teeth brushing experience so much better.

2. Non-wired bras:
Seriously one of the best buys I ever did. That under-wire gets so uncomfortable after wearing for so long.

3. Maternity Jeans:

Yes. Those belly bands are sooo darn comfortable. From my first trimester my jeans got so uncomfortable that investing in one pair was the best thing I could've done. I bought mine at H&M and I'm thinking on keeping them for thanksgiving this year. lol. No, seriously.
I do recommend buying one, maybe two, pairs that fit you perfectly. DO NOT buy ones that are larger thinking you will grow into them. Get the ones that you feel most comfortable in and you know you will wear.

4. Cotton Dresses:
If you are going to be pregnant during summer, or just live in Florida. Investing into cotton stretchy dresses (non-maternity) is one of the smartest things to do. They are comfortable, you can dress them up or dress them down, and they breathe! Which is a huge plus when pregnant.

5. Best advise I've received:
Don't compare yourself. This is true when non-pregnant as well. Know that every single girl, your mom included, is different. So embrace your pregnancy as your own and try to enjoy every second of it, no matter how small, or big, or not-sick the girl next to you looks. Surround your self with people who love you and support you and you will be just fine. :)

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  1. wow 20 weeks already how exciting :) Glad you can eat again without getting sick and so awesome you can feel her kicking too!! Super excited for you!



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