Since 'the belly' has been growing, a lot of my wardrobe is getting really tight or just not fitting period. So I decided to go to different stores for some maternity wear, and Oh Lord, the shock! Maternity clothes are just ugly! Okay, I know I've heard that it's gotten better throughout the years but man they want us covered and away from feeling sexy! lol. So even though I was in desperate need of some maternity pants because my pants just won't close anymore, and it's been leggings for days, Thank God, I found some cute jeans at H&M. However, I've decided that I will continue to wear non-maternity clothes as long as I can fit in them.

I got this really cute tee at a concert I went to on Friday of Bethel Music and it was such an amazing time of worship. If you are looking for some new music check out their YouTube videos, it really is excellent. I added my favorite song below, so check it out. I tried to find the link to get this exact tee but I couldn't find it, however they have some other really cute options, this is the link to their shop [HERE]

Hope you have an awesome Sunday! :)


  1. I absolutely adore pregnant mummas and you make pregnancy so stylish too! So cute to see you belly!

  2. Juli Juli <3 SO beautiful, i love this. That shirt is incredible, as well as who it comes from. As you know, I love and am so deeply inspired by Bethel's worship. So upset that I didn't get to go, but SO excited to hear all about it from you. Keep singing sweet melodies to your beautiful baby :* That made me so happy to read, I love that. He/she is probably enjoying that so much. Love you.
    - Lauren Llanes



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