I'm in my second trimester! Hooray! And at some point in March we will be able to find out our baby's sex. I have to admit that I'm super nervous because I've been feeling my whole pregnancy that we're having a boy... But yet again, what if my mommy intuition has been wrong this whole time? So I'm trying to just patiently wait and I know I will be really happy either way. :D

How Far Along are You?

I am currently 16 weeks, which is middle of my fourth month.

Any new experiences?

Well, I think maybe finally I'm out of my sick stage? It's funny because I said that at 12 weeks, and from there to 14 weeks I had the strongest most horrible morning sickness and my health was just horrible during those weeks so I'm not waving my victory flag just yet. But I have been feeling more like myself lately.

This week I started feeling my baby moving and it is just AMAZING! It's very light and my husband says he can't feel it on the outside yet, so I'm waiting for the time that little kick is strong enough to be felt on the outside :) Baby can also hear now so I've been singing every time I get, because I want him or her to be able to recognize my voice and hopefully sing him or her to sleep when I finally get to hold that precious baby in my arms.

Baby's Size

Baby is apparently the size of a Mexican avocado and could be weighting anywhere between 3 to 5 oz.

Any Cravings?

Nope. No crazy cravings yet... I am eating a lot of pizza, so I've found some recipes for a healthier option for pizza and I'm loving that.

Mood Swings?

Yes and no. My first trimester I was surprisingly calm and very level headed. Now I'm starting to feel a little more emotional here and there, but nothing compared to my normal self. Lol. That makes me sound crazy, but I'm not, I'm just usually very in tune with my emotional side, and since being pregnant I've felt just more calm lately. And hey for being a latina! that's a little out of the norm.


Pregnancy really has been so tough physically for me but seriously one of the most amazing times of my life. I've really loved this whole journey and feel extremely blessed to have been able to experience something so incredible.


  1. Aren't you just the most beautiful baby mama!!
    So glad to hear that your experience so far has been mostly positive! I've been loving following along your journey :)
    Love and blessings to you!

  2. This is so fun to read, I'm so excited for you and despite the sickness so many nice things to be happy about :) Are you going to let people know the sex? I'm just curious because I really want to know!!

    1. Hehe. Of course!!! I'm terrible at keeping surprises :D



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