Hey guys! today I want to share some fun ways to address your Christmas Cards.

I've been loving this trend of Gold as a Christmas color. I've even chosen to decorate my home with golden Christmas decor. So when I found these beautiful designs for Gold Christmas card themes at Tiny Prints I knew I wanted to also make the envelopes more special by decorating them in the gold Holiday theme. You can find this design HERE and more designs and colors for Christmas cards at Tiny Prints HERE.

One easy way to add color to your envelopes is to add washi tape to seal your envelopes. Washi tape comes in a range of different colors and designs that go with any Christmas card design. I chose this beautiful gold tape to match with my Christmas card design. You can find Washi Tape at any craft store, or any store that sells craft supplies.

You can also get creative and create designs with the tape <3

Another way you can seal your Christmas card is my adding a stamp to the envelope. Most stores sell these beautiful christmas design stamps that add an extra touch of special to any envelope.

The last and my personal favorite way to add some fun to Christmas cards is by adding small candy canes into the envelope. It's a cute way to spread some holiday cheer, and if I know there's kiddos in the household I try to add one for each. :)

I hope you found this helpful and I'd love to hear what are some ways that you like to make the Holidays a special time. :)

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  1. These are some very cute ideas! totally loving the stamp idea! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Gold has been my decorating color of the year this holiday season too! I love the tape and ink pad you found. The stamp idea truly takes the cake!

    XO Liza

  3. I think the gold is super pretty and how cute is your Christmas card!!!

  4. Gotta save this for next year. I had planned on perfecting my Christmas cards this year, but I was so late getting them out (again!) that I just slapped on some leftover forth of July stamps and tossed them in. Next time. For sure.



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