Dark Make-up is in this season. Bold brows & dark lips are making a come back, and I am loving every second of it. Today I will be showing you how to get that beautiful bold brow look using the Billion Dollar Brows Kit.

This kit comes with 7 different things you can use. You have: A brow gel, a Highlighter and Concealer Duo Pencil, a sharpener, a Smudge Brush and a Universal Brow pencil with a brow brush. *Universal because it can be used on both blonde and brunette hair. I don't know what it looks like with blonde hair since my hair is pretty dark, but I was very happy with the brow pencil color.

This is a before and after using the kit

Let's get started

1. Apply the pencil using "hair-like" brush strokes following your eye brow shape. Apply the pencil throughout until you've reached your desired shade.
2. I personally like to apply a little of the brow gel before coloring my brows and after coloring, because my eyebrows tend to go down easily. The brow gel helps the hair stay in place and give brows a polished, finished look.

3. Glide the highlighter end of the pencil over your brow bone, directly under your brow. I also like to apply a bit on top to really give my eyebrows definition.
4. Using the Smudge brush gently blend the highlighter into your skin and brow line, in a circular motion to define your brows.

I really loved this kit. You can find this and more products at www.billiondollarbrows.com
Plus BDB is hosting a Giveaway for this Brow Kit and you can enter to win HERE!

I partnered with Billion Dollar Brows to bring you this post and giveaway. All brand collaborations are carefully selected to fit my blog and readership and all opinions are 100% my own.


  1. I'm equally excited about the dark make up having a come back. I have this dark plum shade of lipstick that I love that is perfect for this time of year. Your brows look gorgeous girl!

    xo erica

  2. Loveee the bold eyebrows! I've been working on growing mine out and powdering them in while I wait impatiently, haha! Yours look amazing!

  3. looking awesome - I'm too a fan of the more bolder eye brow look :)



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