Anita Andrade began her journey as a lifestyle photographer; photographing families, maternity sessions and other special events in people's lives. However, with a passion for art she decided to take her camera to Wynwood, Miami's art district, and merge her love for both photography and art in the most unexpected way, by taking photos of sidewalks. Sidewalks splashed with paint left over from these amazing murals of graffiti that now decorate Wynwood. Ignored by many but full of beautiful colors, Anita transformed these photos into amazing pieces of art.

“Sidewalks” is about finding beautiful aesthetically pleasing compositions in discarded places and translating them into a fine art medium. It is about recording the history of the ever changing streets of Wynwood as people and murals come and go. The focus is finding beauty in the discarded and giving it a new life. The compositions are meticulously created from what is found on the floors and sometimes partial walls, cement, paint splatters, grafitti, dry leaves, old gum and even trash. Nothing is added or removed to the art that is found. The Collection is made up of 30 limited edition photographs created by Anita Andrade in Wynwood in 2014. A percentage of the proceeds will benefit the A21 Campaign in the fight against Human Trafficking because much like in “Sidewalks” the forgotten are beautiful people who are often in plain sight but we fail to see them.

Anita specializes in capturing moments and creating art through her lens. Her work is often featured in Hola! Magazine and other National and International publications yet she is most fond of documenting families and showcasing their love for the generations to come. Anita’s expertise extends to Life Style Family Portraits, Corporate Photography Models’ Portfolios, Event, Fashion, Product, Food and Commercial Photography, Interior Design, Fine Art, Editorial and more. Her experience in a wide variety of genres allows her to stay fresh and creative.

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  1. So neat! My boyfriend and I saw some council workers carrying a huge bike stencil (to mark the road) and we both gasped at each other - the original street art! I love Anita's perspective on this - amazing art!

  2. kudos to her!!! what an amazing way to merge photography and art!

    thanks for sharing this artist....and you're a lovely and smart girl yourself!



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