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This year I'm hosting Thanksgiving for my family at my home. I'm so excited to finally have them all over for such an amazing time as this. My husband and I had planned to have both our families for dinner to thank them for everything they've done for us to set up our home, so what batter day than Thanksgiving day.

For about a month I sat on my computer and passed hours at Pinterest to think and get ideas of how I wanted to decorate for Thanksgiving dinner. I knew I did not want the colors to be orange and yellow, first of all because we live in Miami and those are just not the colors we ever see, and second because decorations can turn cheesy really fast. So after looking and looking I was really inspired by Kinfolk Dinners. [You can see more of these HERE]

I loved the green and earthy tones most of these dinners have, and I knew this was what I wanted to go for. I've never hosted a dinner like this and I've never decorated for any party in my life. Honest truth. So I made a list, I bought what I needed and with my mom's help we got everything ready for the day. I am happy to tell you that everything I need for thanksgiving and thanksgiving dinner is purchased and ready to go. I cannot wait to share the photos with your guys and hopefully it comes out beautiful. Fingers crossed! :)

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  1. such pretty inspiration - I'm off to check out your thanksgiving post now!



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