Sweater: Chaser // Leggings: Trend Rush (In Store) // Boots: ShoeMint // Sunnies: Wild Fox // Ring: Nasty Gal

There is something incredible about experiencing freedom. Freedom in speech, freedom in expression, freedom in being yourself. And there is nothing I love more than feeling free to change from outfit to outfit, style to style and be free to express who I am with something as simple as clothes. I've been watching House of DVF on E!, and even though I have to block out 50% of the show's drama, I am learning so much from Diane Von Furstenberg. I love the way she expresses confidence, beauty and freedom. How she embraces power and vulnerability as one combined. How she is tough and gentle and sees compassion as a virtue. It should be that way, but sadly I think this isn't expressed enough in our professional world. We are constantly taught by reality shows and others that we need to take people down to get to the top, when it should be the opposite. We should be happy with the success of others, even though sometimes it is easier said than done, and know that people who are always trying to take people down don't really get that far in life. I am constantly inspired by people who are giving and successful. That are hard-working and compassionate. Those who are daring yet loving. I aspire to be like that. I want to live in this world but never be influenced by it.


  1. Killer outfit, love that ring and now I have yet another show I must look into :)

    1. I really love it, minus some unnecessary drama, the show is very good.

  2. I really like your sweatshirt. The raw edges gives it some personality but it still seems super casual.

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