I DID! I cut my hair. Well, technically I did not, my friend Marilyn cut it for me :D

This was the conversation in my head the day before I cut it:

"My ends are splitting... I should trim my ends... But if I'm cutting my hair might as well just go short... YES! Short hair!... Should I tell my husband?... No, he might talk me out of it. [Literally laughed out loud] Like anyone could talk me out cutting my hair! Let's do this now! Ok, I'll just wait until tomorrow."

Hehe, welcome to my head. I love taking risks with my hair because, I'm young, might as well just do all the crazy hair cuts now. And even though this hair cut is not as crazy as when I shaved half my head, it was still awesome to take about 9 inches of hair off my head. :)

Back in 2012 when I shaved all around my head.


  1. I loved that you styled it for the post or the day! :) and that sweater is super adorable. I decided not to write a post, I just posted a photo.. you should've seen the floor by the time she was done with me. lol Short hair is the best hair. xo

  2. Juli, it looks SO good!! I've been thinking about giving my hair the chop as well, but I'm not quite sure if I'm ready! I'm looking forward to seeing how you style your new look :)

  3. Looks awesome! (The shaved look too!) I'm the opposite of you - for me, different is having hair below chin length! I'm trying so hard to grow it out, but the impulses to chop it all off are there every single day, pretty much.

  4. Love the short hair!!! I'm all about short hair - low manipulation!




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