Hey guys! Today I'm going to show you how to achieve these loose waves looks for short to medium hair.

1. I haven't washed my hair for the past three days so my waves hold longer, so I am applying a bit of dry shampoo to my roots to reduce the oils in my hair.
2. Section your hair in two layers and I recommend to start with your bottom layer first.
3. Take your flat iron and twist your hair pulling outwards like if you were curling a ribbon. I added a short video below for you to see what the motion looks like.
4. At first the curls were very bouncy and tight so I waited about 30 mins and then I finished the hair off with hairspray to hold the waves.

And to style it going from day to night, I parted my hair to the side for a fun look.

My hair is already shaved on the side, however, you can also achieve a faux-undercut look by pressing your hair on the side to your head, holding, add bobby pins to hold your hair in place and finishing with hairspray. Or by french braiding the side as close to the scalp as possible and secure with bobby pins.


  1. This is a great look for the holidays! Especially if you're running around like a crazy person (I'm speaking of myself) ha. :)

  2. Very cute and your lipstick colour is awesome - is this the one from the mac counter? Makes me want to go visit a store because I'm pretty clueless about what colours look good on me :P

    1. It is. I had a really great experience when I went, they helped me a lot to choose the best color for my skin color. The one I'm wearing is Mac's Ruby Woo Red.

  3. Beautiful looks and blog. So glad I found you on Instagram!
    You have a new follower (:


    1. I'm so glad you like it and that you passed by! :D



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