Social Media was meant to be used for us to be social, but I think we often forget that obvious fact. But as bloggers we must of know that social media is incredibly important for our blogs to grow. When I started blogging I put my social media aside and didn't really give it much importance. But now I see what a big mistake that was because as I much as I wanted to see it as two separate things, social media drives almost 60% of my readers to my blog.

Why is it important to focus on your social media as a blogger?
The best way to advertise your blog and let others know you actually have a blog is by posting it to your social media. When I first started my blog I received comments from people I hadn't talked to in years that they read and loved my blog. I knew the only way they could've known about it was because I posted something about my blog on Facebook.

Another important fact is companies and PR firms check your social media outlets to measure how big your blog is and if it is worth it for them to work with you. Keep in mind that they are not only checking numbers, but also quality of posts. You may not have the most amount of followers out there, but if they believe you can represent their brand well that is always a plus for them.

What should you be posting about?

This obviously varies between people and bloggers, but some broad subjects can include things about your personal life, "behind the scenes" posts, or anything that helps your followers get to know who you are a bit more. Don't be too personal though, your followers probably don't want to see you drunk at a party or your baby's poopy dippers. (Maybe bad examples, but you get the point) Keep it classy. Remember you are always representing your blog as well.

Companies love to see their products on social media. It's free marketing for them. However, this is great if you want to start working with different brands. Not every single company you tag in a post is going to automatically want to work with you. But I have gotten re-tweets, re-posts and shout outs by the Food Network, Canon, Lucky Mag and others and have even been featured on the Tilly's Website by simply giving them a shout out on social media. Plus, it's a great way to let them know you exist! :)

How can you grow your social media?

There are a lot of posts out there louring you to pay for followers, to give you fast results, and ultimately it is your decision. But a great way to grow your social media organically is to be social. Comment on other people's posts, comment back when people comment on your posts, like and like and like a some more. It may be annoying, it'll take some work, but it works. Any time I have free time, like waiting at the Doctor's office or in a line, I go through hashtags that are related to what I blog about and I like, like, like. I've met great people and I've gotten to create great relationships with businesses through social media. One of the things I am constantly on top of is who I am following. I am constantly asking myself, Is this a person that follows me? That likes what I'm doing? Is this a dead account (an account of someone who hasn't posted or liked anything for the past 6 months)? And if it is I begin to unfollow. Because if you don't it will look like you follow everybody and their mothers.

Another great way to grow your social media is quality posts. For Instagram, I try taking beautiful photos and edit them with the VSCOCAM app. For Facebook, I realized that Facebook is a place where people love to create community and to TALK. So I ask questions, What type of lipstick should I purchase for my next review? Where can I find these shoes (add photo)? I realized people love to give their advice and ultimately it helps me know what people are looking for when they visit my blog. For Twitter, Hashtags are everything. Look for smart hashtags that can help people find and see your tweets.

Hope you found this helpful. And I'd love to know if you have and tips and tricks of your own and share them in the comment section. ;)


  1. Great tips Juli! I am always so impressed with your content - keep up the awesome work gorgeous girl!

  2. I am sooooooo bad at social media! Seriously, I make plans to put more effort into it, but during the day, it's like my phone doesn't even exist. :( My plan is to build it up one or two things at a time. Right now I'm working on FB and Instagram, and once I've gotten into the swing of keeping those up to date, I'll get to work on Twitter and Google+. I like the talking to people part, but all the link sharing? Kill me! I wish there was a way to just do it all at once.

    1. That's exactly how I felt in the beginning and then what I started doing, just taking one social media outlet at a time. Instagram was the one I enjoyed the most, so I started with that, when I felt like I had that down, I went to twitter, then FB and I still have to learn how to use Google+ better. But it's that, one step at a time.

  3. Definitely good to remember the social aspect of these medias - I sometimes get overwhelmed by all the different avenues but as you said just when you have a free moment, like at a doctors waiting room, you can make some nice connections :)

    1. Yes, it can be very overwhelming. But, little by little it gets easier and easier.



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