Photos & Editing by: Juli Williams

What is better than waking up to a rainy morning, cuddling up in cozy blankets and having really great breakfast food? One of my co-workers recently started her own line of Salvadorian Quesadillas, and these are not anything like Mexican quesadillas. These yummy quesadillas, also known as Salvadorian Breakfast Bread, are yummy sweet and soft bread made out cheese that tastes like heaven!

I wish I could tell you that you can all try these yummy little pieces of perfection, but since she's starting out she is selling them at the Tropical Super Market on 88th St & 137th Ave , Miami. They come in little blue and white packages called Sweet & Tasty. So if you get a chance go and support her little start-up business, you won't be disappointed. I believe the best food is made with love and she puts a big dose of that in every little bread she makes ;)

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  1. I am definately saving this post. I'm heading down to the Keys again before too long, and we always stop in Miami to do a thing or two!



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