Last time I went with some friends to explore Miami we wanted to take photos in this abandoned building but it was locked from all sides. So now that we've come back we decided we would get in no matter what! So we climbed roofs and nearly killed ourselves only to later find out that the gate was open and we could've just walked in. Isn't life funny that way sometimes?

I love hanging out with these crazy adventurers because they are gutsy and just have amazing wild hearts, I don't know if you can tell through the photos but I'm the least adventurer one out of the three of us, however, sometimes you just need to leave it all behind and just climb roofs and snap some photos! Haha. I was dying up there but there was also a sense of freedom that overtakes you when you are up high and the breeze flows and your view is just above it all. I really needed that today. :) Well, 'till the next adventure.


  1. You guys all look so free-spirited and fun! Sounds like an awesome day. Awesome photoset!

    1. It really was so much fun. But I was freaking out a bit. lol

  2. What a cool place to explore and have a little photoshoot! It's definitely picturesque!



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