It is no secret that I love magazines. Even when I was very young I was subscribed to a magazine called Dini, which at the time was a kid's version of a business magazine my dad was subscribed to. And every month I waited eagerly to see what adventure "Dini" [the main character] would go to and teach me about. Ha! It was such a cute little magazine. And as I started growing up I continued to subscribe to cheesy tween magazines and even now I am still in love with beautiful magazines and have too many subscriptions for my own good.

So it was a pleasure to stumble upon Disfunkshion Magazine. This beautiful magazine embraced my inner boho soul with beautiful fashion spreads of flowy clothing and metallic jewelry. I was captivated by the beautiful and creative photography, and for my inner intellect, deep written articles covering issues that are relatable to every young woman today.

With a positive message in mind this magazine really was everything I was looking for in a fashion magazine. Featuring women who are making a difference in their world, bringing light to important issues we are facing in our world today, as well as bringing some light-hearted articles, like A Single Girl's Guide to Loving Life, including awesome songs to listen to and love and embrace your single status.
I recommend this magazine to every girl who is tired of the trashy, same ol' same ol', magazine and looking for something to feed your mind & soul with.

To get yourself a copy of this summer issue click here to find out where you can get a copy.

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  1. I've loved magazines since forever too! My parents always subscribed me to Ranger Rick and National Geographic, and I STILL love them! I kinda wish I hadn't cut up all my National Geographics, though... I went through a stage where I had to decoupage everything and none of them survived it.

    1. hahaha. I know exactly what you mean. My Vogue's are all cut up too. :D

  2. There are so many cool magazines out there I want to read! I should suck it up and subscribe already.

  3. Oh gosh, this magazine looks amazing! I love how creative it looks...for $18 I don't mind subscribing!

    xo erica



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