As I mentioned in a post before I really wanted to watch the movie American Blogger, and yesterday I decided to take the plunge and buy it. And I have to say I quite enjoyed it. Christopher Weigand is a film maker married to Casey, a blogger. After being fascinated with how his wife had taken her blog to create relationships with other women around the world through her blog, he decided to travel across America and meet other women who were also sharing their lives online and interview them about this crazy new phenomenon called Blogging. The documentary focuses on these women, their stories, their families and their blogs.

What I really loved about this movie was how beautiful he portrayed the lives of these women. Ordinary women who take care of their children, themselves and their families and share their lives publicly with others. Personally, the reason I started this blog was because I watched Beyonce's Documentary "Life is But a Dream", and I was so moved how I was able to relate and appreciate how beautifully she was sharing her life. There is something so special about women sharing our stories, our struggles, our victories with others that empower us and gives us life. And I wanted to be a part of that. Now please understand that I'm not comparing my life to Beyonce's, but I was able to relate to her feminine heart. So when I was introduced to the thousands of women who blog and share their lives through blogs I knew that I needed to start one myself.

This documentary reminded me of why I started blogging in the first place. I started blogging because I wanted to share my life, my experiences, my feminine heart with others out there. I am so passionate about women, and how strong and vulnerable we are. And this documentary allowed me to see the lives and stories of women in America who are just as passionate about that as I am. I loved getting to see and hear and feel their stories. I recommend this documentary to every blogger and mom out there. I am not a mom yet, but I really loved to see how moms everywhere are loving and working hard to create strong families and inspiring others to do the same.

Thank you Christopher for this lovely documentary.

Learn more about AMERICAN BLOGGER here.

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  1. This sounds interesting I must check it out.

    Did you fix the problem over at wordpress because this post also appeared. I know it can be frustrating you might have to contact wordpress directly by phone. Anyway, Have a great one!!



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