When we think of investments we usually think of money. However, I've started to realize that the best investments involve time. I've recently made a conscious decision of investing my time into inspiration. Being constantly inspired and learning new things, I've discovered it's changed my life for the better.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, it's true, however making a conscious effort to be inspired takes time and a constant reminder that instead of wasting my time watching dumb reality TV shows and looking at gossip magazines, I will turn my attention to people who are changing the world. To learn from what they do, to constantly look for new ways to improve my life, my career and my time.

My biggest sources of inspiration is learning from women who are working hard to change the world for the better and kicking-butt while doing so. So for this post I wanted to share some of my constant source of inspiration with you.

I recently purchased the book #GIRLBOSS which I am reading and loving. I recommend this book to any girl who has big dreams, big goals, and a drive to work hard and be successful. This book has pushed me to think, make plans and take steps to one day become a #GIRLBOSS myself.

Since I am a blogger I have been extremely inspired by ABM's Blog Course. These incredible chicks are taking the blogging world, revolutionizing it and teaching you how to do it. I love how much I've learned from these super smart and hard working girls.

The September Issue. This documentary goes inside the walls of VOGUE Magazine and Anna Wintour and it's just such a great watch. You can rent or buy this movie on iTunes. It's just a fantastic documentary. If you have seen this documentary and you loved it, I recommend IN VOGUE The Editors Eye, also fantastic.

This person has no reality show, no fame, and probably overlooked by many, but she is my constant inspiration and the person I can always rely on for a kind word, my mom. She is strong, loving, resourceful and brought up some amazing human beings with the constant support and push from my dad. Them together push me, love me, and make me dream bigger than I ever could.

Inspiration is out everywhere, you just have to make an effort to feed your mind with it. What are some of your sources of inspiration?


  1. Me inspiran las montaƱas, el cambio de actividad, los grandes edificios, la jardineria, pensar en mis hermosos hijos :) Muahhhh

  2. I seriously need to spend more time engrossed in inspiration. I really don't get enough of it in my weeks.

    ABM is obviously a great resource, as well as pinterest, fellow bloggers and magazines. Need to invest in time. Great reminder!

    1. Thanks for your comment. And it's true, sometimes we can see what we do as a routine and if we don't spend sometime to be inspired and dream we can quickly lose sight of why we love doing what we do.

  3. Love your blog, check mine out when you get a chance chick. Let me know your thoughts. xxx



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