This past weekend I had the privilege of taking photos for one of my favorite people and pro photographer Anita Andrade; which by the way the fact that a real photographer would ask me to take their photo is a HUGE compliment.

And I'm not saying that I'm not a "real" photographer, but I've only been shooting photos for one year, so I consider myself a pro in training ;) And while I got to use her awesome equipment, she got to snap a couple of pictures of me using my camera.

I've been truly captured by the beauty a simple photo can bring. My dad had always loved photography as well so I am lucky enough to have some beautiful photos of my childhood and I believe I get my "eye" for photos from him. I can still remember the way he used to make us pose or jump or laugh to get that perfect photo. And since back then developing photos was so expensive he had to get the right one every single time. wow. He's pretty cool like that.

I don't know where this photography journey will take me, but I can say that I've liked it so far. Even if I continue to use it just to capture my own family I would be very happy with that. <3 'Till next time.

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