Hannah from Over Mountains recently wrote a post about how bold brows are having a moment. And all I can say to that is HOORAY! I am loving bold bold brows! Since my eyebrows are naturally "bold".
About three years ago I decided to stop getting my eyebrows waxed and just tweeze them myself, leaving them naturally bold. Partly because there was only one lady I trusted to wax my eyebrows and if she wasn't in I wouldn't do it, and partly because I was a broke college student and waxing was a luxury at the time.

But low and behold it's a trend! I have to admit that the first time I colored in my brows and I looked at the mirror I felt like hairy man [or the lady from dodgeball HERE] and quickly cleaned them off. But since then I started experimenting with different colors, techniques and brushes and I found one that fit my facial features. Since I already have thick eyebrows I realized that all I needed to do was slightly fill them in with eyeshadow very similar to my natural hair color and I loved it! I don't know if it really is the "right" technique but I love the look.

But since I know we all have different types of brows and face shapes, instead of me doing a tutorial I decided to point you to a pro. You can watch the tutorial here. :)

Happy browing ;)


  1. I'm totally loving this bold brow trend, too! After years of over plucking (yikes!) my brows are finally back to their (mostly) natural thickness, although I still like fill them in to make them more polished.
    The tutorial video is AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing, Juli!
    Lots of love to you!!

  2. Oh! I didn't know this was a trend but I'm glad it is, because this means that I am on point, for once! I have never in my life plucked my brows and never will... although I have seen my sister get them done. It does not look pleasant. This trend should stay forever!



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