This weekend I got to spend the day exploring Miami with my husband and we stumbled upon Sprout a beautiful flower and plant shop in Miami's Art District, Wynwood. As soon as we came in the fragrance of the flowers filled our noses and suddenly we felt we could breathe better. It is a beautiful shop owned by mother and daughter that are so passionate about what they do. And you can see it by how beautiful they keep their store as well as its plants. Since I bought my first succulent I became obsessed on how easy they are to take care of and how beautiful they look. And it is such a satisfactory feeling when you see them grow. So of course I had to buy a new one for our home.

This store is literally filled with live and love. So if you're in the area stop by and visit this beautiful shop you'll see why this was one of our favorite stops. We will definitely be back. Directions HERE


  1. I always drive past this store and think to myself, I need to stop in. Now, you have confirmed all my thoughts. I am definitely going to stop by this week.

  2. Oh my I must take the drive and go!! Thanks for posting!



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