For years I tried wearing jewelry, but I just never really liked wearing anything because I have extremely sensitive skin, so by the end of the day it would all end up in my purse. Until I found headpieces. And then I realized I could even make them myself! :) So let me show you how to make this beautiful, super simple, moroccan headpiece.

You will need:
Gold Washers about 50 to 60. Find at Home Depot, Lowes, or any home improvement store.
Waxed Cording 2m or longer. Find at Michael's (Jewelry Section) or any craft store.
Clear top coat nail polish or Clear Glossy Spray Paint

Take the washers and wash them with water and soap. Since these are not meant to be worn on your skin it's important that you wash them before you place them on your skin.

Take the waxed cord and measure about twice the size of your head, it's always better to have cord left over than not enough. And take another piece, for the piece on top of your head about half as long as the one before.

Take the cord and pass it through the washer, and move the washer to the end of the cord leaving about eight fingers of slack, then loop the cord again through the washer.

And keep repeating until it goes around your head. And then do the same for the piece on top and tie half way through the cord on both sides. The end result should look like this:

This is a really important step: Coat the whole piece with either clear nail polish. When using hardware materials as jewelry pieces sometimes you don't know what processes or chemicals they have been through and since the washers weren't made to touch your skin, protect it by adding a coat of clear nail polish.

This process took me about an hour to finish, so I recommend watching a movie, or listening to great music while you knit the washers together. And you're done!

Hope you enjoyed it. :)


  1. This outfit is pure GOLD from head to toe actually. 😍



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