I'm not really sure where this idea came from, but I just loved the vibrant colors of origami figures and thus the idea to have an Origami Themed Party was born. I love the way these colors just pop against a white surface, wood, or even for an outside party. What I also loved about the origami idea was that this can be an any age party, from kiddos to grown-ups. Using the little origami tooth-picks on cupcakes (or my favorite, donuts) would also look great on cocktails.
And though I only used crane figures and alphabet letters, there is an endless range of figures you can choose from to decorate your party. And making origami figures with your kids or friends can also be a very fun experience.

You can find all Origami tutorials here. And you can buy colorful Origami paper at Michael's or any local craft store for only $6.

Enjoy Xx


  1. you had this cute little party!? this is incredible!! oh my goodness!



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